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After looking for the jewelry everywhere, they find it in Murray's office. Later, Pops buys out the Waffle House and buys all the women waffles on the house. Adam tries to improve his less-than-capable ice hockey skills to please his father, but Beverly insists that Murray indulge in Adam's real passion--making movies. Barry teaches Adam how to be a useful member of his hockey team despite his limited skills by turning him into an " enforcer ", but this only gets Adam suspended for fighting in the next game.

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However, Murray does help Adam with his making his movies and even acts in one. Meanwhile, Erica reveals she has a shot at a Stanford -worthy SAT score, but Beverly wants Erica to attend college close to home and tries to sabotage Erica's test preparation. In the end, Erica sees through her mother's attempts and gets a high enough SAT score to attend the prestigious university.

Meanwhile, Barry tries to rescue Adam on the school bus after he gets bullied by an eighth grader named J. Spink Cooper Roth. However, Barry later becomes Adam's next school bus bully and pretends the bus is his territory. In the end, J. Beverly and Murray mess with each other quite badly--Beverly swipes Murray's "tighty-whiteys" with boxers, Murray makes Beverly cook using the microwave. But Erica accidentally pulls one part of Beverly's hair with the hair iron straightener, Beverly replaces the TV with a fish tank and Murray gets rid of Beverly's hair spray.

But that's the last straw, Beverly finds out that someone got Murray's chair and cleans their house, getting it back for him, and ending the torment.

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Note: the real J. Spink appeared as Joe the Bus Driver. Adam is frightened about doing the President's Fitness Test at school, especially pull-ups since he can't do one. Beverly doesn't think he should have to, so she plans to go directly to President Reagan , much to Murray's dismay. When Adam takes a fake note, Coach Muller Bryan Callen pushes the test until he gets better and is teased by his nemesis J. Spink about it. After learning about the note from Beverly, Murray tells Adam a story about him trying to avoiding swim class in school every day because he never learned to swim, but he fought through it and puts Adam though training.

Though it turns out Murray lied and still can't swim, Adam does compete in the test and manages to do one pull-up. After Murray trains him for the fitness test, Adam teaches Murray how to swim. Barry attempts to make friends with Erica's French pen pal Bella Dayne who is visiting, but Erica chooses to humiliate him by giving him silly things to say in French. Barry unknowingly raps a song about peeing the bed, and Erica's pen pal chuckles at him.

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In the end, the pen pal kisses Barry twice on the cheeks, and he misinterprets it and chases her down at the airport. Adam is excited about his Laser Tag birthday party but also badly wants a first kiss with Dana, so Barry helps him plan a make-out party instead. Elsewhere, Murray and Pops are captivated by the opening of Al Capone's vault , but Capone's vault is empty, much to Pop's disappointment. Murray later gives Adam a laser tag gift in front of his friends, and Adam rejects the present as if it's uncool. Embarrassed over almost kissing in front of Adam's mom, Dana calls Adam a big idiot for not having a laser tag party.

In the end, the group finally plays Laser Tag with Murray's gift. Dave Kim tries to shoots Dana, but Adam takes the shot for her to keep her "alive", and they finally share their first kiss. Drew Kremp, Erica's new boyfriend, dream guy, dream date and "first love", dumps her and she cannot be consoled.

When Beverly's attempt to make Drew jealous by setting up Erica with a college guy Luke Benward fails, it is Murray who surprisingly steps in to help Erica recover from the break up. However, Erica's break up puts her in a bad mood and while Beverly and her scream to Drew and his mom, Virginia, Erica rudely throws Drew's jacket in a tree, Beverly's plan backfires due to the college student getting arrested for letting him and Drew get drunk at Lainey's birthday party.

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Meanwhile, Barry becomes obsessed with a new game at the arcade called Punch Out , causing him to beg, borrow and steal from Pops and Adam to fuel his relentless pursuit for quarters. Barry later has an intervention with Pops, Adam and his friend and takes more quarters, however, just as Barry gets ready to defeat the game, Adam unplugs the game, angering Barry and he stops playing the game. Murray and Pops convince Barry to lie to Beverly when he joins the school's wrestling team when persuaded by Coach Muller.

Murray tries to teach Barry some wrestling moves, but Barry is only interested in doing WWF-style attacks on his opponent. When Beverly finds out that Barry is wrestling, she embarrasses him by grappling with him at a school meet, trying to prevent him from facing his opponent. In the end, a furious Barry takes out his aggression on his opponent, quickly pinning him and winning the match, much to Murray, Beverly, Pops and Coach Muller's delight and excitement.

Elsewhere, Erica sits in line with Adam for tickets to the premiere of Return of the Jedi , reluctantly admitting that she too likes the Star Wars movie series.

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But she upsets Adam by leaving their place in line to be with some classmates, who walk by while Adam is in the bathroom. After seeing the disappointment in his eyes, Erica gets the manager to sneak them into the movie theater, much to Adam's delight. When Murray's high school basketball free throw record is broken, Beverly takes him out of town to have him introduced during a game in honor of his old record.

But when Murray badly misses an honorary free throw, he takes his embarrassment out on Beverly. Barry throws a party to impress his crush, Lexi Bloom Virginia Gardner , but the party starts out quite lame.

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Pops convinces Erica to invite some of her friends to help out her brother when he is bored. Those friends invite other friends, and the house becomes one giant sweater party with everyone wearing Beverly's cheesy sweaters. It all goes awry and the fun must come to end or so Erica thinks when Murray and Beverly come home early.

Despite his anger, Murray lets Barry have 10 minutes of glory after Barry told him it was about his time to shine. Barry uses this 10 minutes to dance Barry style to " Livin' on a Prayer ", during which Lainey kisses Barry, in an attempt to help get Lexi jealous. After Barry has his fun, Beverly grounds him for the rest of the summer.

Type A, a term coined by Drs. Meyer Friedman and Ray H. Rosenman, refers to a pattern of anxious and aggressive behavior that has been shown to have a significant correlation with the development of heart disease. At the end of the day, Colonel Lieving sat down with an officer and a computer printout of his results and talked about what the items of information meant. Having run as much as 10 miles nearly every day for about a decade, he knew he was in good shape.

He could walk on an elevated treadmill for an impressive 17 minutes. But some of the other results were less heartening.

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His cholesterol level was and his percentage of body fat was His various strength figures were similarly unimpressive. Most disturbing of all, he was told that, according to the Framingham Risk Index, which predicts the probability of suffering from heart disease based on cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, stress and exercise levels, he ran a more than one in nine chance - The staff at the testing center outlined a program for Colonel Lieving. He would run only three days a week, for a maximum of five miles; this was a significant drop from his previous regimen, but, according to current conditioning wisdom, it would provide the maximum aerobic benefits with the minimum wear and tear on the body.

Two days a week, he would lift weights. And he would make significant changes in his diet. He also discovered that he was a mild Type A. Three-quarters of the War College students are Type A's, a figure similar to that of the male population at large.

He further agreed to participate in a year-long Type A reduction program. For his own conditioning, he alternates days of running, 4 to 12 miles, with swimming and weight lifting. He has twice been extended past the Army's retirement age of 52 for colonels. This is not surprising, given his accomplishments among the War College students.

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  6. During one year in which figures were taken for participating officers - none of whom were terribly out of shape to begin with - body fat decreased an average of Particularly dramatic have been gains in strength, an average of 40 percent, Colonel Drews reported, in the four years he has offered the fitness program. This is in large part the result of what may be his most significant contribution to the field of fitness: variable-loading weight training. In traditional weight training, in which an individual lifts to his full capacity each time he works out, strength development generally levels off after three or four months.

    Colonel Drews discovered that by varying the amount lifted in each session, development could continue for as many as six months. View all New York Times newsletters. Colonel Drews's efforts have an impact beyond the officers at the War College. Only 5 percent of all colonels get to spend a year at Carlisle, with the ones who are selected deemed to be the generals of the future. As a result, whatever habits and attitudes they develop are closely observed by their peers and subordinates. Soldiers learn more from observing senior officers than anything else.

    If the Pentagon has been pleased with Colonel Drews's work at the War College, it has occasionally raised eyebrows at some of his notions. The Type A program - an outgrowth of his conviction that fitness goes beyond the physical - is a perfect example. Many of the attributes linked with Type A behavior - hostility, aggressiveness, competitiveness - have traditionally been looked on as prerequisites to military success.

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    6. So, understandably there was some concern expressed by the brass when, in l, Colonel Drews invited Dr. In a program similar to the one he gives to post-cardiac patients, Dr. Friedman and his associates held a series of discussions over a nine-month period. The meetings were intended to isolate the participants' Type A tendencies, to explain those tendencies and their dangerous consequences, and to offer methods to alleviate them, including deep-breathing relaxation techniques.

      Colonel Drews and Dr. Friedman had been drawn to each other's work - the colonel because of the doctor's emphasis on the behavioral component of fitness, the doctor because the colonel did not favor the extremes of exertion advocated by some. Friedman, however, believes in no exercise more strenuous than walking.

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      Asked about this position, Colonel Drews said in Army jargon, ''We're in a noncompliance mode with that. But the rest of the Army was not as enthusiastic as Colonel Drews. They figured we'd have the colonels so laid-back as to ruin their careers. But we negotiated, and eventually came up with some stipulations to which they agreed. Legendary major winner Sam Snead shot 34 aces during his career and made one with every club in his bag except the putter. By Mirror.